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About Discount Energy Group

Empowering You To Save 

Discount Energy Group provides residential and commercial electric customers in many markets a cost-effective alternative to their electric service. To put it plainly, we help people save money on electricity. 

How Our Customers Save Money on Electricity
Discount Energy Group purchases energy from a large collective of generators at the lowest available wholesale prices. We then pass the savings directly to our customers in the form of electric rates that are significantly lower than many other providers. 

Thanks to electric industry deregulation, homeowners and business owners in our markets now have a choice in their electricity provider. Discount Energy Group is one of many options available and saving money on electricity is as easy as enrolling in our program. 

Discount Energy Group Supports Green Energy
Many of the power suppliers we do business with incorporate renewable, eco-friendly methods of power generation like solar, wind and hydro-power, along with more traditional means; so our customers can feel good knowing that by enrolling with Discount Energy Group, they’re supporting green energy initiatives, and alternative energy research. 

Discount Energy Group is here to help you save money on electricity. To learn how much you can save, use our online calculator for an instant quote if you’re a residential customer, or if you’re interested in a commercial account, just give us a call today at 800.282.3331. Either way, enrollment is fast, easy and free.

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